Meet Our Team – Negin Saatchi

Negin Saatchi

Construction Project Manager

Negin Saatchi is a Construction Project Manager at Triad Real Estate Consulting Group, LLC. Negin oversees the construction process of the company’s value-add and ground-up projects.

Negin brings architectural and construction insight to Triad on issues surrounding development projects and finds creative solutions to managerial construction problems. She maintains close communication with project-related parties to ensure tasks are completed based on planned budgets and schedules.

Before joining Triad, Negin worked as an assistant project manager and a project engineer in two General Contractor companies in Phoenix, Arizona, and oversaw more than $130 million commercial and multi-family residential projects. Further, Negin brings with her over three years of architectural experience.

Negin holds a master’s degree in Construction Management from Del E. Webb School of Construction, Arizona State University, and a bachelor’s degree in architecture from the Art University of Isfahan, Iran. 

Negin was a finalist in the Annual National Architect Award Competition in 2016, and her design was published in Memar Magazine, the most prestigious architectural magazine in Iran.