Business and Strategic Summary

The ever changing state of the economy has created a need for Investors to engage commercial real estate specialists. Triad offers real estate Investor’s financial analysis, acquisition, disposition, management and asset management services.

Triad Real Estate Consulting Group, LLC is dedicated to building enduring relationships by first understanding our client’s objectives, the steps necessary to achieve them, second through a disciplined approach to the financial analysis and due diligence, third treating everyone involved in the transaction in a professional manner, is the foundation for building relationships.

In business for over 15 years, Triad currently oversees over one million square feet of commercial real estate. We provide a wide array of property management services from operational audits, on site management and staffing, condition assessment, budgeting, accounting and leasing at a reasonable cost.


Strength of Relationships - We work with the best possible talent for specific activities. We highly value our relationships with real estate intermediaries, lenders, local authorities, and professional advisors.

Market Knowledge - We thoroughly analyze the market fundamentals of each investment; by monitoring demographics, employment trends, and job creation in each asset’s market. Our financial experience uniquely positions us to interpret relationships between the real estate and capital markets.

Execution - Investment success is the result of executing a myriad of detailed activities every day. Whether it is the execution of a macro investment program or of a business plan for a specific asset, we believe in working smarter and harder than our competition to achieve results.

Leasing - Triad seeks to make commercial leasing negotiations fare and equitable for both parties to the transaction. It is our goal to stay up to date on legal issues affecting Leasehold interests and the impact on existing clauses to the property, landlord and tenant. This continuing education helps building trust with our tenants, their agents during the lease negotiation process and even after their lease execution.

Marketing Plan – weekly review of the marketing plan and its success are reviewed with the leasing team. Planning and modification are done to set new marketing programs and implement “best practices” as in order to insure the asset is getting its fare share of the transactions.